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Instant Real-time Access

Empower your staff to provide outstanding service to your customers with real-time access to accurate data.

INFO-Tracker™ SiteLink™ takes it a step further, providing online access to all information needed, from any mobile device.

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Automation & Cost Savings

Stop wasting time, paper and mailing costs. INFO-Tracker™ takes thousands of time-consuming manual processes and gets them done with the click of one button — with 100% accuracy.

INFO-Tracker™ does the heavy lifting, so you can do more with less staff.

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Integration & Smart Data

Information flows seamlessly between all departments as well as between the centralized system and community portal websites.

The result is a single searchable source of accurate data and reporting — with zero duplication of effort by your staff.

Top condo management CIO Ted Maulucci, comments on “a single source of the truth“

Flexibility & Longevity

INFO-Tracker™ offers a full suite of modules that address all areas of your condo or HOA management business.

Together they are fully integrated, but can also stand alone — so you only pay for what you need. INFO-Tracker™ helps your business to grow and scales to grow with you.

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  • Sophisticated features, simple interface, proven success.

    INFO-Tracker™ has earned a solid reputation amongst property management leaders for being a robust, feature rich system that is also easy to learn and use.

    We looked far and wide for a decent system like INFO-Tracker™ and looked at competing solutions, but they didn’t feel fully baked. INFO-Tracker™ has given us the ability to provide real-time accurate information to our customers on demand, which has directly translated to improved service levels.

    - Roger Davies, President, FirstService Residential

Everything your staff needs is right at their fingertips.

No more frequent interruptions and lengthy delays caused by dependence on a specific department or person for required information. Your property management team members will be walking information repositories!

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Let technology do the heavy lifting.

Automated best practice workflows, management controls and documentation procedures eliminate bottlenecks and provide reliable digital records.

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Never change your software again.

As your business grows and evolves, INFO-Tracker™ will scale and evolve with it. There has yet to be a business scenario or challenge that our seasoned product specialists could not find a solution for.

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