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Reduced Costs

Since automating the repetitive, manual processes, our staff is much more productive. Batch functions that used to take 2 or 3 hours now take 20 minutes. This has allowed us to realize significant reduction in labour costs.

Roger Davies, President, FirstService Residential

Customer Satisfaction

By automating our frontline processes, we are realizing a noticeable boost in how fast we can respond to our customers, which is vital to our business as we ensure stronger customer satisfaction and prepare for the future to growth of the company.

Ted Maulucci, CIO, Tridel

Employee Engagement

INFO-Tracker™ has eliminated all of the redundant and menial-type work that people had to do. So I think that would be rather satisfying, because now they can focus their skills on tasks that are a little more sophisticated.

Joe Metlege, Vice President, Templeton Properties

Business Intelligence

As an operations manager, I need greater visibility across the business. With INFO-Tracker™ I can access real-time business data with a click of a button to quickly review all relevant information from a single PC interface.

Mary Casey, Operations Manager, Del Condominium Rentals Inc.

Unlimited Growth

With the increased efficiency we've found from using INFO-Tracker™, we're at a point where we can grow the business without having to hire additional staff. The system will enable us to take on additional properties and cement our place as a condominium management leader.

Alex Hoelk, Managing Partner, WRM Strata Management & Real Estate Services Ltd.

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